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The display on iPhone X cuts out videos and spoils game experience

At least that has become an existential problem for many over the past few days. display edge-to-edge al iPhone X (that is, on the entire front surface), suffers a cut in the upper part where the sensors, the camera and the infrared camera are placed.

This is the area in the image below:

No matter how much they tried Apple to innovate and extend the display, this area could not be freed from the sensor and camera suite. They're not the only ones. neither Samsung has failed to do so on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Instead of displaying the display, the Korean company preferred to come up with the top the thin black band, on which the sensors and front chambers will be present.

Let's talk a little about the iPhone X display.
We have a scratch resistant glass screen, Super Retina HD (so they called him from Apple) of 5.8-inch diagonal, backed by technology OLED Multi-Touch. As a "know that ...", the iPhone X is powered by Samsung. The technology and production process of OLED belongs to them.
The clarified chapter, colors and contrast is impeccable. 2436 x 1125 pixel with 458 ppi, 1,000,000: 1 contrast, true Tone. Free translation, for people who do not want to know what this data means, but which it is in image quality, we tell them it's good. A very clear picture, vivid colors and a very well-graded contrast.

With all of these remarkable performances of the display, following slide shows, the Internet has a wave of criticism on the iPhone X. And no, not because of the price that is quite stiff, But because of it screen cropping, which is said to spoil the video and video experience, where it is supposed that that cut would actually be cut from the game's image.

Personally, I am a constant iPhone owner. From the iPhone 5 to the present day, I purchased the top-of-the-year model. And most likely I will do this and when it will appear on the iPhone X market.

Prothe blemish of the cut out of the screen while watching a movie, I don't think it's really a problem. That cutout can be avoided by resizing the image, and the black line appears throughout the cutout. Of course, the poor 1-inch diagonal would be lost. This would be the biggest drama.
You will not get the extra inch experience if you want to see all the episodes in "Young and Unfit" (at 1 Sept.2016 were 11.000 episodes and the series continues) on the iPhone. Or if you want to use it as your post console for games. possibly entering a FIFA or Counter Strike championship on the iPhone X.

Besides the big price, we do not see another issue on the iPhone X. At least until a user period runs. Time for less pleasant suprises. There was not a lot of antecedents in the iPhone, but we think a relevant review can be made after that device has been "buttoned" for a while under various conditions.

If you plan to buy an iPhone X and your budget will allow, we encourage you to do this. The phone does not deserve this money at all (about 5.500 lei in Romania), but if it is a fad, there is no problem.

iPhone X is a breakthrough Apple and a device that in time will make room for more interesting ones. For us, iPhone X is not a top phone. He is just a pioneer of edge-to-edge in iPhone history and Samsung's OLED technology.


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