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iPhone X - Seasonal update to iOS :) iOS 11.1.2

iPhone X was perhaps the most expected iPhone model ever left Apple. At a price unimaginable, stocks of iPhone X they ran out pretty quickly, and more and more people are showing signs of buying an iPhone X in the future.promarket. Especially since the winter holidays are coming, when people seem to take their money out of their pockets more easily,

Although it is a very expensive smartphone (in the opinion of some), the iPhone X is far from lacking prostated problems. The biggest proThe problem came with the arrival of the cold season, when many users complained that the device it hangs when it is pulled out in cold. Pretty unpleasant for a smartphone whose price goes from 1000 Euro.

Apple recently launched a update of iOS 11 to solve this prostated problems. With iOS 11.1.2, iPhone X owners should no longer have problemishes when going out with the device in the cold and no distortion in Live Photos or video recordings made with iPhone X.

Although this iOS update targets iPhone X devices, it is available on all iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch models that support iOS 11.

Is the update available via iTunes or Settings? General ? Software Update.


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