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Apple has increased the download limit to 150 MB for applications downloaded from the App Store via the Internet Mobile

In 2008, limit download for applications, games si Updatefrom the App Store, made through a mobile connection, was 10 MB. Enough for that time, considering that they were not leaving strong mobile connections and had time mobile internet (mobile data) cost quite a lot. Not to mention subscriptions with tens of GB free or even subscriptions with unlimited traffic.

4 years ago we met a limit of 50 MB, which was modified to 100 MB with the launch iOS 7. Both application and user needs have increased

This year, with the launch of the new one iPhone X, the need for consistent application updates has increased, so Apple announces a change of download limit to 150 MBfor apps in the App Store.

What exactly does this limit mean? When using a connection LTE / 4G on iPhone, you will not be able to download from App Store a game or an application higher than 150 MB. Also valid for consistent updates. Their volume should not exceed 150 MB.

In addition to the fact that a download larger than 150 MB would also involve a longer download time if it were through a 4G / LTE connection, it is proalso increases the volume of traffic included in the users' subscription. It would be unpleasant to have another 200 MB available in the included data traffic and to automatically update 1 GB. It would incur additional costs.

We've increased the cellular download limit from 100MB to 150MB, letting customers download more apps from the App Store over their cellular network. 

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