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How to disable / enable SIM card PIN in iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air LTE / 4G

Apparently it's pretty simple, but I've met many platforms disable the PIN(Personal Identification Number) to a YES on iPad it gives them headaches.

For iPhone, disabling is somewhat more intuitive in the menu. As the option is available Phone Number. On the iPad things are a little different, because the iPad does not have this option in the Settings menu. The iPad can not be done GSM phone calls, even if you have a SIM that supports LTE / 4G and GSM.

Disable SIM card PIN on iPad (available on all models - iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro)

Every time we reboot the iPad or reintroduce a PIN that has set a PIN, it is requested immediately after the device has been authenticated and unlocked.

It is recommended to keep this code active, which may prevent unauthorized use of the subscription or prepay card in case of loss or theft of the device. If you do not want to keep this active code, you can disable it by following these simple steps:

1. We're going to the menu Settings ? Cellular Data ? Cellular Data Options.

2. In the "Cellular Data Options" menu, the last option at the bottom is the one that helps us disable the SIM card PIN in the iPad.

3. Under the "SIM PIN" option, we have the option to disable / activate the PIN or to change the SIM card PIN in the iPad.

To make a change here, you need to know the PIN of your SIM card. If you do not have this PIN, your recovery can be done using the PUK code. SIM card unlock code.

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