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Messenger Rooms, group video calls for Facebook and Messenger

Facebook's new group video call service

Company Facebook recently announced a series of services adapted to the current conditions of isolation and social distancing. Like Microsoft, Google, Apple and other large companies that have introduced or expanded online interaction services, and Facebook is announcing a set of services for WhatsApp, Instagram and the Facebook application, which will be available soon.

The Facebook and Messenger application will receive the new service Messenger Rooms. This new service will allow you making group video calls, which will withstand up to 50 participants simultaneously for an unlimited period of time. An interesting thing is that Facebook wanted Messenger Rooms to be as accessible as possible for everyone, so not all participants need to have a Facebook account to enter the video call.

The group video can be private, only for participants or can be shared on News Feed, Groups or Events. Thus, they can range from simple group video calls between friends, family or colleagues, to meetings, parties or events with several participants.
Access to Messenger Rooms will not require the installation of any additional applications. It will be integrated in the Facebook / Messenger application or it can be accessed from the web interface on your PC or mobile phone.
Those who enter a group video call from the Messenger application will be able to play with the effects of AR and AI (artificial intelligence) during the video call.
Group video calls can be private, where participants will be invited by the one who created the session through a single link, or will be shared on proalso in the News Feed, and friends who want to can join the discussions at any time. The host will be able to block the access of a participant at any time or can block the access of other people in the video conference.

Messenger Rooms is already available in several European countries, and in the coming days it will be available to users around the world.


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