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Millions of WhatsApp accounts will be DELETED if users do not accept the new Terms and Conditions

Sharing confidential data from WhatsApp to Facebook will be mandatory!

Soon, the application / service WhatsApp it will change one of its fundamental characteristics. Confidentiality of user data its.
Throughout the existence of WhatsApp, this feature has made that two billion users from all over the world to choose the WhatsApp service as a means of communication both personally and business.

In early 2014, Facebook bought the WhatsApp application for $ 19 billion. At that time, assurances were given that all user data would remain equally confidential and no connection would be made between the WhatsApp service and other Facebook services.
This promission lasted only 2 years. In 2016, WhatsApp was already starting to share data with Facebook. It was said at the time that the new change was just to provide better and safer services for users. The 2016 press release said that sharing data with Facebook is meant to fight spam on WhatsApp, and sharing the WhatsApp phone number with the social network Facebook will help users find their friends faster, provide a better interaction and of course, display more relevant ads.
In 2016, sharing WhatsApp data with Facebook was an option that users could refuse.

This year, WhatApp has updated its "Terms and Conditions" of use and is forcing all users to share WhatsApp data with Facebook, refusing this sharing as an alternative. deleting the WhatsApp account.

Changes to the future privacy policy of the WhatsApp messaging application eliminate the option to unsubscribe, and users are given instructions on how to delete their WhatsApp account.
Currently, there is only the possibility to close the notification, but starting with February 8, 2021, giving up data sharing will make it impossible to use the WhatsApp application.

What will happen to your data if you choose to share it with the Facebook application

First, the phone number will be shared with the social network Facebook. The company says that this will help you find your friends faster, based on your phone number. If you do not have a Facebook account, use WhatsApp, the data will still be shared. In addition to the phone number, you will also share the time of use of the application, interactions with other contacts, IP address and other confidential information, all in order to provide personalized ads on Facebook and partner networks. In other words, all personal data from WhatsApp will be shared with the Facebook network.

The end-to-end encryption system for text messages, voice and video calls will not be usable by Facebook for advertising purposes. At least for now or not transparent.

ProThe major problem for Facebook will be in Europe and with users Apple. European legislation is very strict regarding the confidentiality of user data, and Apple places great emphasis on the discretion and transparency of stored data.

We will see exactly what will be the impact of this change in the conditions of use of the WhatsApp application. One thing is certain. Users' trust in the WhatsApp application has decreased a lot with Facebook interaction.


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