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Dark Mode Missing in Facebook App (2022)

Option Dark Mode disappeared for iOS and Android users

From operating systems to applications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, the interface "dark mode”Has proven to be preferred by most users. It seems to be more relaxing for the eyes, the pictures and videos stand out better on the dark interface than on the white one, and the writing is more legible.
Many users complain that starting with May 2022, the option dark mode disappeared from the Facebook app options for iOS and Android. Basically, this option is no longer available to a large number of Facebook users worldwide. Dark Mode Missing in Facebook App (2022)

Meta (ex. Facebook Inc) gradually introduced dark mode on all company applications. WhatsApp, Instagram si Facebook, starting with 2020. The option dark mode is (or has been) available to both users Android as well as for those of iPhone (iOS).

At the moment, those for whom the option dark mode disappeared from the Facebook application, they have no solution. Fortunately, Dark Mode is still available for the desktop version. Can it be easily activated from Display & Accessibility?  Dark Mode.

Meta has not given any explanation so far regarding the deactivation Dark Mode for the Facebook application, and even if it comes with an explanation, it will still be a confusing and unfortunate decision. Dark Mode is an interface loved by billions of users, both for browsers and for operating systems and mobile or desktop applications.

Hopefully it was just a Facebook bug that made the option disappear Dark Mode iPhone and Android, and Meta to solve it as soon as possible. Until then, the only way to have Facebook with dark mode, is in the browser.


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