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SMS messages will be received and sent directly from Facebook Messenger interface

Facebook offers a welcome change Messenger application for AndroidAllowing receiving and sending SMS messages, thus avoiding situations that interrupt conversations with friends on Facebook to check SMS received on the mobile phone.

Some of the users Facebook already received support SMS in Messenger application, the administrators of the social network testing its functionality before the official debut. However, it should be noted that support for managing SMS messages has been available in the past, but was soon removed because it was not used enough by users. The return of this function comes after insistent requests from fans, putting Facebook Messenger in competition with other popular applications with support for managing SMS messages, as it is Google Hangouts.


To activate the support for SMS messages, users only need to check “On” setting “Default SMS app", Available in the updated version of the application in the menu Settings.

SMS messages can be differentiated from the usual marked by the color blue for conversations Messenger and purple SMS.

Along with the text, Facebook Messenger allows the insertion of audio and video clips, emoticons, stickers and sending location coordinates via SMS messages. The only unsupported features are sending money or GIFs yearsmate, but for this we can use regular messages sent, using the internet connection.

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