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Apple prepares an iPhone with curved screen throughout the case

De ceva timp, Samsung focuses on curved-screen phones that dress one or both sides of the casing. Also, Apple could bring a bold design to the market: one iPhone fully dressed in the stretched display to the back of the casing. For the moment at the patented idea stage, the new smartphone will test the boundaries of modern technologies as well as the software side, the interface iOS should be rethought to work with a screen that can be viewed from several angles - front, back and side.

iphone 7-curved

Compared to a phone Galaxy edge S7 curved screen on both sides, the display on the new iPhone will "flow" over the edges to the rear casing, covering traditional locations reserved Power buttons, volume and Home key, which should emulate the software. Another technological innovation will be required to implement biometric sensor below the display, no longer need a separate component, left to view the cell phone case. Now remains to be seen how practical can be a smartphone whose casing is almost entirely covered with touch surfaces, impossible to use with regular protection covers and more vulnerable to shocks and accidental blows than ever before.


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