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How do we receive relevant ads on Instagram

How can we set what ads to receive on Instagram

Advertising keeps the internet alive and televisions. It is not a surprise that there are still many users who do not understand why on sites, on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or other platforms appear ads after ads.
In short, if the ads didn't exist, those platforms wouldn't exist anymore, or they would be accessible at the price of a monthly subscription, such as NetFlix, HBO Go and others.

What are ads?

Ads are advertisements created in order to proMOVA a brand, proshower, services or actions.
Advertising agencies make a huge effort to deliver the most relevant ads to their users. For example, there are companies that deliver ads based on your recent internet searches, your location, your passions, depending on what websites you have accessed or even what you have talked about at home.

Facebook displays ads based on your preferences at profil. If you are a fan of football and online movies, the most proYou will frequently receive advertisements for sports equipment, sports accessories and online movie platforms with subscriptions. In addition, you can receive ads from other fields, if those who have bought "advertising space" select a larger area of ​​interest that will include you.

For Instagram, a feedback system has been introduced through which you can request what exactly you are interested in appearing in the displayed ads. This option will not limit the number of ads displayed on Instagram, but you can hope that more relevant ads will appear for you.

With a simple access to "Ad Topic Preferences", you can choose from three areas of interest that appear in your ads.

Check what you are interested in, then click on "Save".

These options are also available from Settings ?  ads ?  Ad Topic Preferences.

Given that Instagram belongs to Facebook Inc. it is very possible that these preferences will be imported on the social network as well Facebook si Messenger.

If we keep getting ads, at least get something relevant. In this way, both users and users are advantaged


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