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Android protection software developed by Microsoft

Microsoft Defender ATP for Android - Sporty security of mobile devices

Lately, Microsoft has developed and improved a lot Security Solutions, for both Windows and business suite, Office 365 (Microsoft 365).
The accelerated development of security solutions also comes against the background of the pandemic that made more and more employees work from home, thus being fully protected by the company's IT infrastructure.

Microsoft has recently expanded its range of security services Defender Advanced Threat Protection, with the launch of the "preview" version of Microsoft Defender ATP for mobile phones and tablets with Android.

There are many reasons why we could say that Android extra security is needed, especially in these days when smartphones and tablets are used for remote work, and the most important vectors for phishing are e-mail and chat systems. These messages are very difficult to detect and block in real time by IT system administrators, and the risk of a user opening a virus file before it is verified is very high.

In general, operating systems have good hardware security, but a very big problem is human negligence. This is where it comes into play Defend ATP and the Microsoft 365 Security platform, which aims to scan and detect phishing messages, malware files and malicious links before they are viewed or opened by the user.

Defend ATP for Android is designed to prevent the risks of infecting mobile devices and at the same time to integrate discreetly into the user's operating system, without restricting the freedom to use the device. Many users use personal devices for e-mail and messaging in the interest of the service, and if a security solution proposed by the company will limit access to the device's resources, it could be an inconvenience for the user.

Defender ATP is recently launched by Microsoft and is available to users who have a subscription Microsoft 365 and set to receive programs / “beta” applications in Defender Security Center. The antivirus application for Android is not currently in Google Play Store.
As soon as it is released in the final version, it will be available for all Android users, with valid licenses Windows 10 E5 or A5, Microsoft 365 E5 or A5, Microsoft 365 E5 Security.

Remember that the best antivirus protection for Android is your caution as a user. It is very important to make sure that messages that contain files, links to web pages, and documents that request sensitive data come from secure sources.


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