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How to delete your Instagram account from iPhone

Until recently, we could not delete the Instagram account from the iPhone, but only deactivate it for a period of time. With the new rules imposed by Apple application developers, deleting the Instagram account from the iPhone has become possible.

The main purpose of companies that own social networks such as Meta, is to gather around them as many users as possible. For this to be possible, first of all prothe registration process must be very simple. To open an account Instagram, Facebook or Twitter from your mobile phone, it doesn't take more than 1 minute.

But if we want to we delete the account of Instagram or Facebook from smartphone, prothe cessation is a more complicated one. This proThe more complicated process of deleting accounts from social networks is of course also part of the strategy of the companies that own the social networks.

Apple always strives to make the user experience as simple and pleasant as possible in the applications. In this sense, application developers must comply with some strict rules imposed by Apple, because applications iOS to be present in App Store. a Review Guidelines which all developers must take into account when making an application for iPhone, iPad or Mac.

By App Store Review Guidelines 5.1.1, the company requests all iOS app developers who assume create an account, to provide users and account deletion option.

Instagram is one of the applications that did not offer users the opportunity to delete accounts on the iPhone, but only to deactivate them. For Apple this option was not enough, and in the latest update of the application for iOS, users have the possibility to delete the entire Instagram account.

How can we delete the Instagram account from the iPhone?

1. open application Instagram pe iPhone and we go to Profile.

2. Go to the menu with three horizontal lines at the top right of the application, then to Settings.

3. In Settings I click on Account.

Access Instagram Account Settings
Access Instagram Account Settings

4. Scroll down to the option Delete Account. Account Deactivation Button (Deactivate account) is the highlighted one. It is easy to understand, Meta does not want to lose users. Below this button, less highlighted is the button Delete account.

5. Click on Delete account, then we confirm on Continue deleting account.

How to delete Instagram account from iPhone
How to delete Instagram account from iPhone

In this way, we managed to delete the Instagram account from the iPhone, without having to access the account from a computer to do so.

The Meta company still has a proproblem with user experience and pursues a policy of rejuvenating users by any means. Once you delete the Instagram account, it will not be deleted immediately as normal. It will remain inactive for 30 days, after which the data will be deleted. We hope it's permanent.

If during these 30 days you accidentally log in to the Instagram account you wanted to delete, it will be reactivated and the Instagram account deletion request will be cancelled.


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