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How we connect Instagram to Facebook Protabs to share simultaneously on both networks

There are multiple possibilities for interaction between Facebook and Instagram. Both applications being profriends of Facebook Inc.

Let's give share a Facebook post on Instagram it's impossible. Instagram is a dedicated social network posting pictures and video snapshots directly from mobile devices. Smartphone si iPhone.
In reverse, things are different. Facebook is allowed to post articles / text, links to web pages or other posts, videos and pictures. So a picture or a video posted on Instagram can also be posted on Facebook. This can be done automatically if we had accounts on both social networks and they are connected to each other.

How to connect Instagram to Facebook to simultaneously post a picture or video on both social networks

First of all, we need both smartphone or iPhone apps and an internet connection.

1. open application Instagram and we go to Linked Accounts.

2. The first option in “Linked Accounts”Is to connect our Instagram account to our Facebook account. Click on "Facebook" and follow the steps Facebook login with the help of the application. We accept all the permissions required by the Instagram application on Facebook.

After these steps, Instagram was connected to your Facebook account, and when posting on Instagram you have the option of sending your Facebook post.

In "Advanced Settings" you can choose to automatically post photos / videos from Instagram to Facebook. Also from there you can choose that the posts on Instagram are automatically posted on a Facebook page. Facebook Pages.


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