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WhatsApp Messenger: Unlock Application with Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone

How to activate WhtasApp Messenger with Touch ID or Face ID on iPhone

These days WhatsApp introduced added security for iPhone owners.
Starting with the version WhatsApp Messenger 2.19.20 for iOS, users have the opportunity block access to the application even if iPhone is unlocked. What does that help? It is very simple. This will avoid it unauthorized access to WhatsApp conversations, in the scenario in which we give someone the unlocked device. When the WhatsApp application is opened, you will be required to authenticate with Touch ID or Face ID to open the conversations. If they do not match the identity prodevice friend, the WhatsApp Messenger application will remain locked a white screen.

How to activate WhtasApp Messenger with Touch ID or Face ID on iPhone

First of all, we need to update to the latest version of iOS and WhatsApp Messenger. The WhatsApp Messenger Update is available via App Store.

After the update, we open the WhatsApp Messenger application and go to the icon "Settings”? then “Account”? "Privacy”For activation proTouch ID or Face ID.

We have the ability to set WhatsApp application blocking and request touch ID or Face ID as soon as it is closed after 1 minutes, 15 minutes or one hour.

There is also the possibility of unlocking with the PIN / password of the device. If the Touch ID or Face ID is not recognized, the application can be unlocked by entering the device password.

Is this Face ID or Touch ID security measure for WhatsApp users?
In our opinion, it would be best for the WhatsApp Messenger application to be set up separate unlock password.


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