Samsung Galaxy Note 20 - Pre-order before launch and $ 50 voucher

Pre-Order Galaxy Note 20 / $ 50 Bonus

It would be “Galaxy Note"Has managed to attract loyal fans since the first models. Maybe due to the fact that they were and are about the only smartphones on the market that in size and utility can be compared to both a tablet and a smartphone.
Not to mention the stylus, which plays an important role in creation and productivitate. A "pencil" that fits perfectly with the Galaxy Note design and with many creative functions.

In a few weeks, Samsung will present for the first time the new Galaxy Note 20 and at the same time, those interested will be able to make the first pre-orders for Note 20. Immediately after the launch / presentation event, on the official website of Samsung, the new Note 20 is already available for pre-order, and those who want to sign up will automatically receive a $ 50 discount. It's a little funny, because it's maybe one of the few protaken at a reduced price before being present on the market.
The interesting part is that once registered for the Galaxy Note 20 pre-order, the $ 50 can be used if you want to buy other protaken from Samsung. So, you can change your mind about buying another Note 20, and with the $ 50 you can buy another one protwo Samsung.

All you have to do is go to and place a pre-order for Note 20. The link for the pre-order is here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is available for pre-order until August 4, 2020, and all you need is to enter your name, e-mail address and postal code.


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