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Two Samsung smartphones with flexible displays will appear in 2017

No smoke without fire exits! That is clear! Samsung has not officially confirmed that it will launch smartphones with flexible displays, but the avalanche of information related to them must contain a grain of truth. The latest rumors about the devices Galaxy X suggests that they will hit the market in 2017, not in 2016 as initially speculated.

Recently, Bloomberg claimed that he had received information on two devices Samsung with flexible displays, each approaching a different design. One of these could be folded like a book, offering a larger display when opened, while another will be delivered in a regular smartphone format with a 5 ″ screen, which can be turned into a tablet. with 8 display display. The terminals in this series are called internally Project ValleyAnd the first of these could be presented in the next year Mobile World Congress. What is curious is that the new information does not refer to the name Galaxy X, Circulated in the past. Certainly, these devices will be launched alongside other smartphones classical and their prices could be considerably higher than the premium variants such as Galaxy S si Galaxy Notes. We can only wait for new information about the two devices Sanmsung.

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