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OnePlus will launch a "Game Changer"

OnePlus attracted everyone's attention, in 2014 with One smartphone. This mobile terminal offering top specifications at an affordable price and a complicated system of invitations to those who wanted to buy it. Other than accessory for One, OnePlus has not made any other device. The next product we will launch seems to be not much awaited model TwoBut a dedicated device games.

Although we still do not have an official announcement, the company has begun publishing on social networks various promotional images. They come with hashtag #OneGameChangerAnd the three messages "Start a new game." "You're in control." And "For the fun of it." Demonstrates that we are talking about a device that is connected with video games. Given that such a campaign has been activated, probably an announcement is imminent.


However, the two images appeared not offer too many clues about what kind of device talk. It could be about a console Android, Similar to the new NVIDIA Shield ConsoleCould be talking about a new accessory OnePlus OneAs a controller, headset virtual reality or something totally different, that perhaps we did not expect. The company specified that we are not talking about a tablet or about a SmartWatch.

Meanwhile, fans are still waiting model Two OnePlusWhich should be a new "flagship killer"With updated facilities, which come at a much lower price than our competitors. Given that recently cost of current models 16 and 64 One GB's grown in Europe were probably the difference will not be so high as we would expect.

Whatever OnePlus announces, it will surely catch everyone's attention. Either we will deal with a device with high technical specifications and low price, or we will see something new or we will witness another controversial launch, with a complicated sales system. Protalk that the real surprise would be giving up invitation system.


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