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SoundHUD, a new application for Android

The launch of the fifth version of OS Android brought a lot of new and interesting information, but it was not without prostated problems. Along with the shortcomings inherent in such a big update, Lollipop suffer due to voluntary changes less inspired, and application SoundHUD trying to fix at least one of them: the lack of Silent mode no vacancy.

The new control panel sound notifications and represents a novelty in Android 5.0, which also offers the possibility programmar of time intervals in which the user does not want to be disturbed. Unfortunately, the company forgot to implement a Silent mode that interrupts vibrations and sound when the user does not want to be disturbed in any way. Google optimized to a certain extent this way of working Android 5.1, but those who have not yet received this update will prefer probabil a solution like SoundHUD.


SoundHUD is a simple application that completely replaces the volume control module and prousage threads InterruptionsIt integrating with service Accessibility to be able to function as a system service. Before activating the application, it is advisable to deactivate it proWires none or Priority because you will no longer have direct access to them, prorecording of silence intervals (Downtime) Or activation bypass menu Settings will still operate continuously.

The most important improvement offered by SoundHUD Silent mode is the implementation of a full. As to date, the user can manually descending volume to activate VibrationBut by an additional push button, SoundHUD will cut both sound and vibration.

This is not the only advantage given application. SoundHUD Hold allows you to assign buttons volume Up si volume Down with an application, a shortcut or a specific module of the operating system. Unfortunately, among these actions not just include rapid activation of the new Silent mode, users with no other options than repeatedly pressing volume Down or clicking Mute the new menu for volume control.

Depending on the implementation Android, SoundHUD play three or more potentiometers to adjust the sound levels of the various software modules, where Nexus 4 being offered settings for alarms, calls and media streams. An interesting option is the possibility to change the default volume potentiometer, tablet users having the ability to directly control the media volume instead ofprounnecessary water adjustment for ringtones.

Because the application is very simple, no options can not be too rich. Users can choose to display a large panel for all potentiometers for volume of a single volume indicator overlaid Status Bar or a simple indicator strips and colors can also be customized according to preference.

Along with these options and a list that allows the selection of applications incompatible with SoundHUDUsers do not really have anything else available. SoundHUD is not, unfortunately, a properfectly conducted, its "unorthodox" way of working can conflict with certain implementations Android. Regarding case Nexus 4We found for example that sometimes require two button presses Silent activation and additional volume potentiometers can not always be controlled from buttons and users Galaxy Note 3 reported that the Silent mode also activates the None mode of the Interruption, which leads to the interruption of the alarm sound. Fortunately, the application is available for free and offers a period of pro14 days, long enough to detect any prostated problems.

SoundHUD available in Google Play at a price of 6,99 lei, prothe shower can be tried for free for 14 days.


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