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Microsoft will drop the brands Nokia and Windows Phone

According to official documents Microsoft for company employees (who accidental reached in online), it seems that Microsoft plans to give up along the way protransition to brands Nokia si Windows Phone in matethe realities of promovement for mobile.

After buying cell division company Nokia, Microsoft kept the name Nokia for mobile, Which is the case for the most recent smartphones launched Lumia 830 si Lumia 730. But the online is already rumored that the two devices will be last calls launched Microsoft under Nokia brandThe future will be kept only the name Lumiaor probabil it will be renamed in Microsoft Lumia.


Also, Microsoft is going to quit, but not so fast, the transition in this regard will be gradual, and the name Windows Phone for mobile operating systemIt will be named only Windows, As well as the operating system PCs. This decision seems to have been taken in accordance with the decision Microsoft to integrate the future system Windows Phone system Windows desktops to create a universal operating systemAnd, apparently, there will be a springboard for Windows Phone 9, The next version of Microsoft mobile platform will wear, simple name Windows 9.

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