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LG will launch the phone G Flex 2 by the end of

Although the success of the first curved phone brand LG, G FlexWas a fairly modest (though ergonomics it is a lot better than a smartphone normal screen resolutionQuite low compared to the high price of the terminal mattered more users) South Korean company recently announced it will not discouraged by this and by the end of this year, will launch a version upgrade of sub name LG G Flex 2.


There are no known detailed information about G Flex 2 (A few months ago it was rumored that G Flex 2 will be released in the first quarter of 2015 and it will have a innovative feature unique), But LG said that the smartphone will have a Smaller screen than the first version and resolution this will be Full HD. Given that the curved shape of the first G Flex smartphone was chosen specifically to provide superior ergonomics during use with one hand and reduce variations viewing anglesRemains to be seen whether the company's decision to cut the device's screen will affect whether or not these benefits.

LG not announced an exact date for G Flex launch 2But expects it to become available first in South Korea, for then to reach the markets of other important regions.


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