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Apple Watch, the first smart watch brand Apple

One of the ads made the somewhat surprising Apple in the event of launch of new devices iPhone 6 si 6 iPhone Plus was also the launch SmartWatch company, namely Apple Watch. Although rumored for months that Apple would be working on a Smart Alarm, No leaks about alleged iWatch did not confirm the rumors, Apple managing to keep this completely secret until the day of presentation.


design Apple Watch is similar to that of the new terminal 6 iPhone clock with curved edges and protective glass with rounded edges. The inner casing hides a wireless charging system LED and photo detectors for measuring the heart rate.


Retina display device is created dintr-a single crystal sapphire and shows qualities flexible, Being able to feel not only achieve, but also pressure. Navigating the screen but it will be possible not only touchBut also through a rotated (digital Crown) Available on the right side of the clock, it can be used both for scrolling, as well as touch (A simple tap on rotated display List of applications available).


In terms of component hardware a clock, which has been described by Apple as a miniaturized system similar to that of a computerImplemented in a single chip, But without giving more details about the specifications. Apple Watch include but few feature interesting sitesSuch as how to start it by the simple gesture of lifting the wrist, and enables users to quickly transfer between devices drafts, vibrations and even its own pulse.


Options Customisation sale Apple Watch are available including beltClock coming bundled with a selection of metal straps, skin or plastic (The leather and plastic are available in an extensive variety colors).


Apple Watch will be compatible only with terminals iPhone of generations 5 si 6, And will be available on the market until next year, which will be launched in three versions: Apple WatchWith body stainless steel, Apple Sports Watch, Lightweight body aluminumand Apple Watch EditionWith body 18 carat gold. The watch will be available in two sizes, One 38mm and one of 42mmAnd its prices are not all available at the beginning it was somewhere in 350$.


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