Instagram introduces "Suggested Posts" for all users

Instagram users will receive non-feed posts (follow)

Over time, Instagram has made important changes to the application, but one of the biggest has been made these days.

All Instagram users will receive on the main feed (main screen) "Suggested Posts". Instagram posts come from sources that are not tracked by users. It will appear immediately after the message "You're all caught up". A sign that you saw everything they posted in the last 24 hours the ones you follow.

Yes, the part prothat is, you will no longer receive older posts. If you weren't on stage to open Instagram to see what your friends and followers have been saying, you'll just be content with what's in the last 24 hours, followed by "Suggested Posts", which are likely to it won't interest you too much.

Theoretically, "Suggested Posts" are based on the content of those you follow, but they will come from other Instagram accounts. No posts in the "Suggested Posts" will be from those you follow.

You will only be able to see the older posts of those you are following if you log in to everyone's account.

We don't know if this "Suggested Posts" was a good idea, but one thing is for sure. In the main feed on Instagram we will always have new content, which we have not seen in the past.

This is the biggest change made by Instagram so far. Of course, it is not seen with good eyes by many people, but Instagram's interest is to keep users in the application for as long as possible and to deliver as many ads as possible. At the same time, in this way they will be able to make a more accurate analysis on the area of ​​interest of the users.