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How to hide "Like" for photos and "View Counts" for video on Instagram

Hide Like & View Counts on Instagram / iPhone & Android

It had long been announced that Facebook and Instagram will receive important updates both in terms of platform and mobile applications.

Recently, Instagram received an update that allows users to hide the number of likes and views for content posted by other users.
When information surfaced that Instagram would make this change, many thought they could hide their "likes" with "views" for all content. profirst. I don't know why anyone would have chosen to do this, especially the influencers whose income is most often prowith the number of “followers”, the number of “likes” from a post or “views” for a video of promove.

"Hide Like & View Counts" will only hide the number of likes and views for content posted by other users. If we sleep let's hide "Like" and "View Count" for a post prowe can do this in “Advanced Settings”When we post the content.

How to hide "Like" and "View Count" on Instagram

First of all, we update to the latest version of Instagram.

1. Do we open the Instagram application and go to the settings menu?  Settings ? Privacy

2. In "Privacy" go to "Posts", then activate the optionHide Like and View Counts".

After activating this option, you will not see the total number of "Likes" in the pictures and the number of "Views" for the video content published by other users. But you can see who "Liked" a post.

“Liked by and others ”.

This function is useless for nothing, we would say. Or maybe it's useful for those who watch the competition and don't want to sneeze when they see the differences. ?


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