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How to hide photos and videos on iPhone - Proprotected with Face ID

To hide photos and videos on iPhone can be a necessity in many situations. Confidentiality is a prothe problem in many couples or families, and the cases where the partner knows unlock password iPhone there are many. Most of the time, unfortunately, curiosity goes to the point where a person searches through messages, emails or the photo gallery on a device that does not belong to him.

Starting with iOS 16, Apple introduced a measure of biometric security based on Face ID or Touch ID for the hidden photo gallery on iPhone. So we can very easily hide pictures and videos on iPhone, in a separate gallery where access is possible only after biometric identification.

How to hide photos and videos on iPhone - Photo gallery with Face ID or Touch ID access

If you have an iPhone again wife / husband or your girlfriend / boyfriend knows the iPhone unlock password, you have a very simple solution by which you can keep your pictures hidden videos in the photo gallery. Access to these pictures and videos will be done only on the basis confirmation of biometric identity. That is, with Touch ID (fingerprint) or Face ID.

1. We go to iPhone in Settings ? Photos and activate the options: Show Hidden Album si Use Face ID.

Show Hidden Album
Show Hidden Album

2. open application Photos and select the pictures and video that we want to hide on iPhone. From the lower right corner we open the quick menu from which we select “Hide”, then confirm the move to the hidden album.

How to hide photos and videos on iPhone
How to hide photos and videos on iPhone

After this step, the selected photos and videos are no longer present in the "Recents" photo gallery or in other visible albums.

To see the album with hidden photos and videos on the iPhone, go to “Albums” in the Photos application, then at the bottom we have “Hidden” the padlock sign. Sign that access to this album protejat can only be done after biometric identification. With Face ID or Touch ID.

Show Hidden Album iPhone
Show Hidden Album iPhone

As you can see in the image above, the padlock sign also appears next to "Recently Deleted". And access to this album is only possible after biometric identification.

This security measure has the role of increasing confidentiality and preventing a third party from accessing personal photos and videos, even if they know the iPhone unlock password.

This feature is also available on iPadOS 16. iPad users can hide photos and videos in the same way as on iOS.


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