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Fix Slow Camera On iPhone & iPhone 7 7 Plus

new models iPhone 7 si 7 iPhone Plus they brought with them and one of the best photographed and filmed roomsAvailability on smartphone.
These rooms are developed with advanced technologies, which allow increased good exposure, autofocus si fastThe possibility of removing clear pictures in low lightWithout appearing "pixilated"
All of these are available through the app "Camera" present by default on all iPhone models. A very well designed application, compact and fast.
However, after a few months of acquiring the new iPhone models 7Very moving users complained that the application "Camera"Runs a little hard, and when we change the focus area or direction in which we want to take a picture, the image appears" jammed "on the display. The sign that something is not working properly. Apple commonly made us straight years that these "stings" to be nonexistent in applications on mobile devices. Either for application Mail, Messages, Safari or camera, all should run smoothly.

Some users application has appeared in "Camera" message that urges them to keep the iPhone as fixed / stable will end up capturing. All with a circle on the screen that does not want to disappear. "Hold the device steady until it Finishes taking the picture".

All these errors on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus lead to capture of unclear photos, Blurred and pixelated. Without adding effects.

How can we solve the problem of slowing the Camera application on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus They are equipped with image stabilization to capture quality photos at night and in low light. low light. However, it seems that just brought this innovation Apple those two categories of iPhone models, slow down the camera and captured pozeleor quality degradation.

Before making any changes to settings or resetting iOS, make sure that the memory space occupied by applications, documents, or images is very large. Lack of storage space often results in "jerks" in applications, including in the Camera.
Go in Settings> General> iCloud Storage & Usage. Click on Documents and Data then wipe all data applications that are not interested to be stored. Swipe & Delete. Close to everything (turn off) iPhone, then open it again and check if the problem was solved in the House.
If all sacadeaza after this operation, it is recommended to reset the device's general. Before doing so, it is highly recommended that you make a backup of iPhone general. You can choose the backup storage in iCloud and on both PC (backup via iTunes)
After making a full backup, go Settings > General > Reset (Roll up the bottom of the list)> "Erase All Content and Settings"
enter Apple ID and the password Apple IDThen wait until iPhone 7 or 7 iPhone Plus will reset completely.

Proresetting an iPhone can take a few minutes. If not, the general reset will not resolve Camera application problem, it is good to contact a authorized service Apple. Present your place of its acquisition of the iPhone, Warranty Certificate si tax receipts, Explain what the problem and seek an approximate date of settlement.


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