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Third-party applications could gain access to the NFC on the iPhone

Germany is forcing Apple to provide access to NFC and other companies for developing contactless payment applications

With the launch of iPhone 6, Apple introduced NFC for the first time on its devices. As a brief bracket, NFC (Near Field Communication) allows the exchange of data through radio waves, over small distances.

Currently, most smart phones with Android benefits from NFC chip, which can be used by various applications for data exchange.
Not the same thing happens with the devices Apple. American company does not offer NFC access than for proservice price, Apple Pay. Service used for direct contactless payments with iPhone.

The other day, the German Parliament a proput an amendment to a law, which will force the company Apple to provide NFC access to other companies. This way, more companies could develop contactless payment applications for iPhone and Apple Watch, and applications such as: Fitbit Pay, Google Pay, ING Pay and BT Pay could also be present on iOS. 

At the moment Apple He did not give a statement saying whether or not he would accept access to NFC and other companies, but he pointed out that this step could endanger the security of users' confidential data. NFC frequency, while secure, can be applications that create gaps in data exchange when making a contactless payment. 

It is not known if the amendment will be adopted, and if the company Apple This will be imperative, but it is worth noting that three banks in Australia are trying from 2016 to gain access to the iPhone's NFC chip in order to provide customers with contactless payment applications. 

Until then, Apple Pay was launched in Europe to three other big players in the banking market. BCR, OTP Bank and Credit Europe. 


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