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Facebook makes partnerships with banks for new Messenger features

It's a little weird to get this news in a year when Facebook has had big privacy issues. It seems, however, that they have quickly moved over this hop, and Facebook is now seeking partnerships with some of the most important US banks.

Yesterday, Facebook asked JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi and Bancorp to provide them in the future. detailed financial information about their clients. These would include access view transactions with the card and balance sheet of bank accounts. All this will be used for new functions of Facebook Messenger, through which the user can access his / her direct chat account. Anti-fraud protection features of bank accounts will also be added. The user would have quick access to Facebook to block their bank account or receive alerts as soon as they were suspicions of account fraud.

Although at first glance it would seem to be a good function for users, there are voices saying that Facebook would use this data for commercial purposes. The feature could provide Facebook with information about user purchases, and it will be very easy for Facebook to serve personalized ads and promote its Facebook Marketplace products.

It is certain that this feature is already being implemented in countries like Singapore, where Facebook works in partnerships with banks there and provides users with functions through the Messenger platform.

It remains to be seen if Facebook will be able to implement this function in the future in the European Union. It's unlikely.


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