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How can we enable emoticons (Emoji) for the iPhone

In recent years, emoticons have become part of written expression users, be it for text messages or call worn on various IM applications or social networks. For this reason, emoticons available (in various forms) and mobile platforms used smartphones or tabletsBut some of them, such as for system iOS al Apple, They are hidden keyboard settings. If you are using iOS dependent on expression through emoticons and do not know by heart font that should be used to create them, you will most likely want to enable Special keyboard dedicated to them.


Following the instructions below will be active and use Emoji keyboard (In Japanese "e"Comes from pictureAnd "moji"On character) Phone system iOS 7.

How do I enable Emoji keyboard (emoticons) in iOS 7?

  • open SettingsThen select General > Keyboard


  • options in the Show, please tap on keyboardsThen on Add New Keyboard


  • keyboards list displayed, select Emoji


  • then open a application which uses keyboard (e.g Messages) And give tap the button that displays a globe (Bottom left next to the button 123) To access Emoji keyboard


from sections emoji displayed, select the one you want to use it to express (this can be changed anytime between them using key world). Enjoy!



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