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Sharing files between iOS devices via airdrop 7

To launch iOS 7Probably the greatest dissatisfaction iOS users was limiting in terms File sharing site between devices. While the issue remains unresolved regarding Sharing between iOS devices si mobile running other operating systems (Android or Windows Phone) Users iOS 7 can now Share files uiasca between devices supplied by the AirDrop.


AirDrop It is one of new features of Included in iOS 7 which allows users to make sharing de photos, video files, locations on the map, Safari links, Voice memos and so on between devices running iOS.

How AirDrop works?

AirDrop can be configured from Control Center (this is displayed in the bottom of the CC, above iOS tool sites). Giving tap on it, you can select whether only contacts in your device (Contacts Only) Ui can share your files, or anyone (Everyone) Using AirDrop can do this. Also, the control Center can disable Airdrop if you do not need (at least temporarily) to it.


To ui file share via airdrop, Select the file (for example, if you want to Share a photo look, open Photos App, Then select the photo), and below it you will see people who can do the sharing. Select the person to whom you wish to send the file, and it will receive a notification where they will be asked if you want to receive the file.


Currently only iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPod Touch 5, iPad 4, iPad Air si iPad mini offers support airdrop. Also, because the file sharing via airdrop to work, it is imperative that you and so do people who have enabled sharing site Bluetooth connections si WiFi, And be logged in iCloud.


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