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WhatsApp Payment - A new fast service through which to send and receive money

It is possible that services such as Western Union and MoneyGram will become satirical in time. Man is no longer required to go to a bank or exchange to send or receive money quickly from family, friends, etc. sources.
There is growing growth in the past years of money transfer services through chat applications. All you need is a bank account and a smartphone.

At the end of 2017, Apple has launched the service Apple Pay, through which iPhone / Mac device owners can transfer money in just a few seconds via the Messages application. It is true that this service is currently available in a small number of countries and not where all banks are currently affiliated, but it is a start prosation.

Recently, WhatsApp launched a similar service, currently available only in India, but in the wake ofprothis market will expand to several countries. The WhatsApp Payment service allows you to receive and send money quickly through the WhatsApp application. The method is somewhat similar to the one used by Apple in the Messages application.

WhatsApp Payment - What is this money transfer service and how can it be used

WhatsApp Payment Service was recently launched in India for smartphones Android and iPhone (iOS) and relies on the system transfer peer-to-peer money al Unified Payment Interface (UPI). It 's the new digital payment system that removes addiction mobile banking applications and electronic wallets. Money can be sent / received directly to your bank account with just a few screen shots.

How do I add a WhatsApp Payments bank account?

As I said earlier, WhatsApp Payments is currently only available in India. You must have the most recent version of WhatsApp Messenger install. v2.18.41 for Android or v2.18.22 iPhone.
Open the WhatsApp Messenger application and go to "Settings", And here the new option will appear. “Payments". If this option does not appear, it means that this service is not currently available in your area, and the only thing you have to do is wait until it is available.

In the menu "Payments"Choose the option"Banka Hesaplarımız"Then"Add New Account”To add the bank account through which the money transfer will be made. follow proits validation process via SMS.
In the next screen you will be asked to select the bank for which the bank account was validated via SMS. If you have multiple bank accounts associated with the phone number, select the bank whose account you want to add. At the end of proIf all goes well, the message “UPI Setup Complete” will appear. A sign that you can start using money sending / receiving service through WhatsApp Payments.

How to send / receive money through WhatsApp Payments

First of all, to remind you that in order to send and receive money, both the recipient and the sender must have the WhatsApp Payments service available and a banking condition added to the service. Also, you can not send money to a company account. Service works only from person to person.

Prosending money is very simple and intuitive.

  1. Open the conversation with the person you want to send an amount of money,
  2. Press the "Attach" button on Android or "+" on iPhone and select the "Payment" option
  3. Choose the amount of money you want to transfer to your partner's account and "Send"
  4. Enter the UPI PIN to validate the transaction.

After sending, the amount of money and the accompanying message (if you chose to send a message along with the amount of money) will be present in the conversation.

Using the "Payments" option in "Settings"You have access to the history of money transactions at any time.

Taking into account that WhatsApp MEssnger is part of Facebook, we can not rule out the similarity of Facebook messaging over time.


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