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WhatsApp introduces My Contacts Except on iOS for ProFile Photo, Last Seen, About

How to hide the picture of prothread and "last seen" from WhatsApp for certain contacts?

WhatsApp is quite a solution safe in terms of transmission and reception when it comes to text, voice, video and file sharing. Methods of conversation encryption made us not hear about cases so far WhatsApp conversations to be intercepted by someone.

In future versions of WhatsApp, the company Meta (e.g. Facebook Inc.) will introduce on iOS the possibility for users to choose who from the contact list he can see them picture of prothread (ProPhoto file), last time they were online (Last Seen) or information about proin (About ).

These privacy options have long been requested by users, and the wait is over.

Starting with WhatsApp version for iOS / iPhone (currently in beta for testers) users will be able to enjoy the option "My Contacts Except… ”For the picture of prothread, for hiding the time when the application was last used (Last Seen) and for information about profil. So if you have contacts in the WhatsApp list that you do not want to see ProPhoto file, About or Last Seen, in future versions of WhatsApp you can hide this information from the application.

Currently for ProPhoto, Last Seen and About files, there are only privacy options through which we can allow anyone to see them (Everyone), we can limit access only to contacts in the address book (My Contacts) or we can choose not to see them (Nobody) :

How does “My Contacts Except…”, the “Privacy” setting of WhatsApp work?

1. Do we open the WhatsApp application on the iPhone and go to the settings menu at "Account"? "Privacy".

2. The first options from "Privacy" are the ones that interest us: Last Seen, ProFile Photo, About.

3. If we want our picture of proWhatsApp thread not to be seen by certain contacts, we open "ProPhoto file ”, click onMy Contacts Except… ”And select the contacts we do not want to see our picture of profile.

You need to know that if we choose some contacts not to see when I last opened WhatsApp, we will not be able to see their presence status - Last Seen for those contacts either. Function “My Contacts Except… ”Will behave for restricted contacts in the same way as the“ Nobody ”option. If we don't want our "Last Seen" status to be seen, we can't see our contacts either.

The new WhatsApp feature "hide last seen, profile photo, about”Will be the most probabil launched by the end of 2021.


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