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Lyrics Finder 1.0 - Freeware App for Windows Mobile

For those who are looking for a Windows Mobile application to help them to find in record time and download Favorite song lyrics the phone provided, Lyrics Finder is exactly the application you need.

Lyrics Finder 1.0 is an application with simple interface and very easy to use. As soon as we open the encounter (only) two buttons, Search si cache (By pressing Cache verses we can see that were previously searched and downloaded on mobile. They can be opened without having to connect to Internet).

lf_1 lf_2

Button Search send us the page where we seek lyrics (lyrics) desired. They can be searched by 3 criteria: the song, artist, fragments of lyrics sought (While searching on the mobile screen will be displayed famous method of combating boredom: P). Every application will show the search 20 results (We can change the setting of Settings). To display the following results (up to 100) Press More the bottom of the screen. To view lyrics, select the desired result and then press Text. During the display, the lyrics are downloaded and cached (lyrics that have been downloaded will be automatically marked with green).

To better understand how this application works, watch the video below:

(Freeware!) & Enjoy music! ;)


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