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Phones Windows Mobile periods tend to be "heavy" in which their speed response more like that of an octogenarian. This is because RAM congestion with all sorts of memories left behind by different Windows Mobile application tested or used daily. The most used / known solution to clean the Windows Mobile phones RAM is reset. But is not the best. Why reset smartphoneYou can use a software application to do some cleaning RAM it?

CleanRAM is a mobile application wonder who cleans RAM of Windows Mobile phones - without the need to reset them - with just one click. It also helps saving precious time (For most) that you may lose while you wait to reset the phone.

cleanram1 cleanram2

In addition it is also free. ;)

CleanRAM features:

? Settings:

      * Define all cleanRAM behavior.
      * GUI / Shell Selector.
      * Hibernate for old devices.
      * Close all applications - force closing all applications.
      * Launch startup programs after cleaning ended.
      * Clear recent start menu items.
      * And more…

? Multilanguage supported with option to add new language.

? Customized Proceases List - custom level that help you to define the process (es) you wish to clean.

? Schedule - automatically clean up by schedule (time / date and more options…), get clean-up event at a specific time! extra settings:

      * Notify you before cleanup starting.
      * Wake up device before cleaning.

? Exceptions List - add to exceptions list: program (s) / process (es) and also you can select "startup shortcuts" that you want to skip / ignore.

? Backup / Restore - backup all your cleanRAM settings into INI file. You can also select and load default settings from recommended settings reservoir list.

? Update Service - update cleanRAM to latest version directly from the cleanRAM. configuration (this feature using internet connection). also you can reinstall your latest version.



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