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Pigeon - The first complex IM for PDA

If you are among holders PDA and want a IM client for gadgetsYour order to keep in touch with friends any day and at any time via instant messagingWhen you want Pigeon.

Pigeon is the first IM client for PDA which includes the following features and benefits:


  • Finger-friendly interfaceMuch simpler to use and intuitive - and hence became easier to chat uiesti anywhere;
  • Compatible with different versions of Windows Mobile Professional and different mobile SmartPhone (Supports multiple screen resolutions);
  • Minimum System Requirements: only 500KB RAM and ROM to; 
  • Compatible with most additional keyboard for smartphones and PDAs;
  • Spam filter integrated
  • Full support for UNICODE 
  • Supports the following IM clients: ICQ, XMPP, Jabber & GTalk (And soon MSN)


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