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LG Spectrum A New Chance To Compete With Samsung And Giants Apple

ProKorean electronics maker LG launched a new device smartphone trying to keep the big trend that current market leaders, Samsung si Apple, They imposed. The new LG Spectrum (Or in some areas Revolution 2), if aproThe standard specifications of a current smartphone even have some functions that bring it to the top of the most powerful devices. Among its strengths we mention the 4,5 ”capacitive LCD display, made after True HD IPS technologyWhich is expected to be higher Super AMOLEDSite. This display has a high contrast, natural colors and ensures low power consumption which will focus on the autonomy of the device.

Another reason to choose to pick gadget is the complete package connectivity (3.0 Bluetooth, WiFi, DLNA, Hotspot, Direct) And multimedia package that contains room 8MP sensor , Image stabilization and face detection. 4GB internal memory and RAM of 1GB ensure through pro1,5GHz Dual Core Scorpio, environment propice for the good development of the most popular operating system Android v2.3 Gingerbread ce probail will be able to be updated in the future to ICS version 4.

The model was launched on the occasion Technology Expo in Las Vegas and will be available in European markets.



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