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LG GNote, the future rival of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Apple 6 iPhone Plus

South Korean publication Korea Herald said that people from LG works, currently, not only to the much anticipated flagship G4, but also to another model from the superior range, which will compete with the family of projet Galaxy Notes rivals Samsung. Future proshower looks like it will be called G Notes, LG already registering this mark? of proshower, and will be released in the second half of this year.

LG has experienced mobile devices with both large screens and stylus control systems in many ways. In the first case, phones like G Flex or G Pro 2 but not enjoyed much popularity grew, and in the second case models Vu range had reduced regional availability, as used screens look unattractive and not provided a stylus high precision and Galaxy Note.

LG_LOGO1This is not the first unofficial information about G Notes. According to previous rumors, the future G Notes will be the first member of a series of phones, which will target a market segment superior to G models currently busy, its prices will vary, they spinning somewhere around EUR 900 dollars. Manager Cho Jun-ho said earlier this month that LG plans to launch a more impressive phone than the current family of proled G, and this mysterious G Note seems to correspond to this spartan description.

According to information provided by the Korea Herald, G Notes will compete with the most expensive phone giant of the moment, that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 si Apple 6 iPhone Plus, which suggests that we will see matesuperior construction and optimal equipment. Starting with the models Nexus 4 si Optimus G, LG has been on an extremely upward evolutionary slope promitate, and the idea of ​​a proshower that combines all the interesting features noted so far with an additional package of technical specifications and materiale, is extremely attractive.


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