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8 Windows Phone operating system stronger for fighting Android and iOS

Americans from Microsoft changed the foundation platform structure future Windows Phone 8 known as code Apollo after the previous version was based exclusively on Windows CE history. This new occurrence tries to become more popular as people were able to Google cu Android and will be provided with support for multi-core processors and high frequencies, which can support resolutions past years we could only dream desktop and increasing access speeds for as easy and intuitive use.

Security in the new chapter Windows Phone 8 will enter a new era that will allow habitual use various banking lately, will support safe and easy interconnection with other popular electronic devices: notebooks, tablets, TV. The new Windows Phone 8 will be able to connect very easily with the desktop version Windows 8 because the phone variant uses some of the larger brother's source code for the desktop and removed from the naphthalene ActiveSync in a much inbunatatiti and accessible. The new operating system will interact easily with applications XBox, SkyDrive si Skype and can be accessorised with thousands of aplcatii to be available in MarketPlace the model Android si iOS.

We hope that those in Microsoft to build a quality product to recover as quickly as possible last year's fall and together with Nokia to help each other for a spectacular comeback.



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