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At the end iOS and Android users will be able to use BlackBerry Messenger application

BBM popular service developed and used on devices BlackBerry will be used in July and by users iOS si Android. Application known to Canadians BlackBerry lost ground lately especially due to the success of other chat applications such as WhatsUp or Viber that enabled communication and messaging BlackBerry.


Thus Canadian developer and therefore provide competition can communicate and use BBM on other devices than BlackBerry. The move will be welcomed by users business using terminals that can integrate BlackBerry and BBM system on tablets and smartphoneArt sites and last but not least, will retain BB holders to these devices do not give up because of this. Thus BBM will come into direct competition with other applications already established WhatsUp, Viber but with Facebook  or Yahoo. 

blackberry messeger


The application will initially provide only text instant messaging, group messaging, sharing audio notes, photos or other files, and will later implement other features such as audio and video calls, display sharing and BlackBerry Channels, Making BBM a platform for socialization model Facebook or Google+. There seems to be an impediment: the application can only be installed on newer generations of smartphoneAnd tabs that are updated iOS 6.0 respectively Android v4.0. We look forward reaction of competitors and users choice when it comes to communication messages.


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