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The new iPhone Mini from Apple, still aprolaunch waters

It seems that Apple his pride and step on preparing for launch and a low cost model for users on a budget who can not afford a smartphone premium but fans Apple. The new iPhone which does not have an identification number will be a simple variant of the now famous older brothers iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 and try to score the segment entry which was not available before. New gadget from Apple will be equipped with a 3,5-4 ”display and will premiere a polycarbonate housing with fiberglass inserts, but the dimensions will beproiPhone 5 markets.

iPhone Mini

The new model will be sold in a wide range of colors: white, black, yellow, pink and blue and in terms of new hardware iPhone Mini will be based on a platform designed around proCaesar Apple A5 by 1GHz, present on iPad Mini. 

iPhone Mini-concept

The 5MP main camera and the 1,3MP secondary camera try to provide conditions to meet the multimedia needs of the user and the connector lightning borrowed from iPhone 5 bring gadgetsslightly outdated before launch, nowadays. The model is long awaited and tries to make the new iPhone Mini a successful gadget focused target segment and the launch is expected to be this summer. Shelf price will be somewhere in half the premium model, that 300-350USD.

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