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Download Google Maps for offline use on Android OS

Normally, Google Maps require Internet connection to work, but the latest version available for Android OS, The application allows users to save favorite maps phone storage space because they can be used offline. This is ideal for devices that do not always have access to the Internet (for example, access to wireless networks in some locations, but not in mobile networks), And shows the advantage that it can be disabled 3G connection or 4G to save battery.

How can we use it? Google Maps offline?

  • open App Drawer and open application Maps
  • After which Google Maps loading completely, press the menu and select Make available offline from the list displayed


  • select air want to be available offine from map (It can not be too high, however, you will be warned if limit has been exceeded) and click on Done, The area inside the blue border will be downloaded to the phone to be used as map offline (Repeat if you want to save more maps)


  • after they download maps to be use Google Map offline, Click on menu at the top of the application and select My Places


  • click on the tab Offline to access maps stored in phone memory

Note: Be sure to keep updated Google Maps application to be aware of any changes on the map.


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  1. Talking complex.
    Try this in google maps on android:

    Looking on Google maps area you want to save offline. Dai screen zoom out until you fit all regions covered, then write in search bar "ok maps" and you search. Expected to save the map and done, that was it, you can access offline.


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