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Disable location feature on your iPhone or iPad (iOS Location)

Many applications and even operating system components iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) I use THE LOCATION to collect and provide various information to users.
From applications that shows weather condition si prognoza meto for current location, to GPS applications for drivers, gen Google Maps si WazeAll use location service. Location Services.

If many users location service is an advantage, there are enough people who this permanently activated location service gives them headaches. Either they don't want the phone to "know" where it's going or how many steps they've taken, or this service consumes battery power. The reasons are many and debatable.

Before you look As you can disable location service pe iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you should know that if you lose your iPhone, it can no longer be located through the application "Find my iPhone"Nor in the application"Find My Friends"You can't be found anymore.

Every time when the location service runs in the background, means that an application or operating system module is querying your location. This is marked with a “the navigation arrow”Which appears in the top bar, next to the bluetooth or battery.

How disable location on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

The location service can be found in “privacy settings”Of any device with iOS operating system.

go to Settings > Privacy, and at the top of the screen, we have "Location Services". By default, this service is started, being recommended at each new system initialization.

Click on "Location Services”And switch to“ Location Services ” green button To turn off location.

"Turn Off" on the dialog box stating that this feature will be disabled and that the "Find My iPad" or "Find My iPhone" services will no longer be available.

After you take this step, the GPS location service has been disabled on your iPhone or iPad.

Note that a close mobile data (mobile internet 3G / 4G) service Bluetooth si Wi-Fi or mode is activated "Plane" Which implies close all communications iPhone, NOT close and location service.
You noticed proThe pictures taken from the plane, even if you are at an altitude of over 11.000 m with the "Plane" mode activated, keep accurate data about your location.

Here's the location of a picture taken at your height, the plane:

Once the localization service is closed, iOS and installed applications will no longer be able to access your location.


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  1. Very good advice! Besides the critical moments when you're lost in a foreign city, or you need gps for as you use the map item, it is best to disable this function.

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