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Which phone is safer, Android or iPhone (iOS)?

Android can be safer than iPhone X and older models

There has always been a dispute between the fans Android and those of the iPhone on the subject "which smartphone is better?". A general question, but if we talk about security, most smartphone owners agree that iPhone is more secure than any device Android. Restrictions imposed by Apple prevents access to the files of the iOS system and the interaction of third-party applications with it is quite limited.

A Vice report shows that things are not exactly the same, and for some parts of security, iPhone X and older models are less secure than Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S9.
Software UFED 4PC al Cellbrite is able to extract important data such as: phone call history, contacts, GPS data, messages and some information from social networks Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter. This is possible on iPhone X devices and older models.
Not the same thing is possible on Android smartphones: Google Pixel 2 si Samsung Galaxy S9. Moreover, using the same software could not extract data at all Huawei Mate 20 Pro, despite rumors related to the existence of security breaches present on all mobile devices Huawei.

As a brief parenthesis, we tell you that Celibrate is a Israeli company, whose activity focuses on device security, developing applications that can penetrate and extract data from blocked Android and iOS devices. Of course, these data are extracted from government requests.
Over the years, Celibrate has managed to penetrate many iPhone devices, despite security measures and restrictions imposed by Apple.


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