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How you can delete everything Facebook knows about your activities

Delete the history of Facebook connections on other websites and applications

If you are a Facebook user, it is likely that not once have you chosen to log in to a site or log in to an application using your Facebook account. It is a more convenient method than making users easy on all websites and in all applications. Connecting with Facebook to an application or a website comes with some costs that you don't theoretically feel, but they exist. Once we choose to connect with Facebook on a website or in an application, the Facebook company will know what is our area of ​​interest and will deliver advertising and articles according to our connections with our third party applications.

Last year, Facebook was forced to allow users access to delete their entire Facebook account history with third-party websites and applications. Although the company announced that this will happen as early as 2018, only now, at the beginning of 2020, will users have this option.
It is similar to cookies and caches in an Internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Opera, etc.).
In the latest Facebook application update for Android and iOS, Facebook introduced the possibility for the user to delete this history.

How to delete the history of the Facebook account interaction with websites and applications

The simplest is from the mobile application for Android or iOS. First of all, make sure you have the latest version of the Facebook application.

1. Settings & Privacy
2. Settings
3. Off-Facebook Activity
4. Clear History

After this step, the entire history of the interaction with third parties will be erased, but keep in mind that it may be possible to log in after some websites and applications where you used your Facebook account for authentication.

This operation does not delete the search history on Facebook or other application preferences. It refers strictly to Facebook's interaction with third parties.


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