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S / MIME / smime.p7s attachments can block Mail on iPhone

For some time now, at least something strange has been happening on many iPhone smartphones, when a message with the attachment "smime.p7s" is received on the Mail application. It is about the native application, found on all iOS operating systems.

data Prostated problems: 

An e-mail is sent to the iPhone on which a document file is accompanied by a certificate smime.p7s. After receiving this message, when trying to download it in the background, the iOS Mail application is unusable or suddenly shuts down.
Delete the message on the iPhone (if successful) is not a solution. Deleted e-mail messages will automatically go to a "Trash" folder where you will still try to download the encrypted file, and prothe problem persisted.

What are S / MIME attachments (smime.p7s)

When you receive a mail document from an institution or a bank, it is very likely that it is accompanied by a smime.p7s file. you will not torture to open this file because you can not. S / MIME (Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) provides added security for messages sent from an account Exchange ActiveSync.
S / MIME contains two main components: digital signature si encryption.

Electronic signature, check if the email was sent by the sender. This avoids sending messages by viruses from an email address. To send these e-mail messages, a single electronic certificate for each user is installed.

encryption is a way to secure the information so that it cannot be read unless the message is brought to a decryptable state. This is also the role of the smime.p7s file. This encryption key provides security for the message when it is in transit or when it is stored.

It is very possible that iOS does not understand this kind of e-mail messages coming encrypted from Exchenge on the iPhone's Mail application, and consequently the error that leads to the sudden shutdown of the application appears.

How do we solve it prothe problem of suddenly closing the Mail application on iPhone / iOS

If you have received such a massage by e-mail, accompanied by an encrypted S / MIME file and the Mail application no longer works, it is best to go to the web interface (webmail) or another mail client where you can access the account of the e-mail you received the message and delete it from "Trash" / "Trash". Of course, not before saving important messages from the message on your PC / Mac. Usually, this type of file accompanies attached documents, in PDF or .DOCX format.
After you delete the message, close and restart the iPhone, and then open Mail. This may suddenly close once, after which everything will return to normal.

As far as we are concerned, this proThe problem we have been encountering for a very long time with all the messages received from Raiffeisen Bank.


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