Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus & Galaxy S9: Images, Specs, Features & Price

Very little time, fans Samsung will be able to see the new one for the first time Galaxy S9 More si Galaxy S9 in the event that will take place at Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Like aprowaters every time, even if it was Samsung, Apple, LG or Huawei, before the launch event of one top device (flagship) began to appear more and more images, specifications and features. The vast majority of them turned out to be "leaks" as real as possible.
Neither for Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus is an exception. A great deal of design, features, innovations and prices have already come up for Europe.

The main element of the flagship, expected by everyone, is innovation. What brings new compared to the devices launched by the competition. Apparently, Samsung will not surprise much this year. That is proit has top displays, everyone knows that and we don't think it could come up with something that will leave us speechless. Maybe the iris scanning function that underlies security will be a success this time. Let's not forget that a few years ago, Samsung came up with a "facial recognition" technology that could be used to unlock devices. It later turned out to be a big disappointment. "Facial Recognition" could be fooled with a simple picture of profriend.

As a feature for Samsung, support for S9 will also be added augmented reality (AR). Apple has already made this step with the release of the iPhone X.
On the display side Galaxy S9 will have a Super AMOLED 18: 5: 9 QHD Infinity capable of supporting a resolution of up to 1440 x 2950. We will have a generous screen, Super AMOLED, of 6.2 inch to the Galaxy S9 Plus version.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus & Samsung Galaxy S9 

Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus specifications

- 5.8 inch / 6.2 inch with curved QHD display + Super AMOLED (570ppi / 529ppi)
- Provendor: Samsung 10nm Exynos 9810 CPU (4x 2.9GHz, 4x 1.9GHz)
- Memory: 4GB RAM / 6GB RAM
- Battery: 3,000mAh / 3,500mAh batteries
- Storage space: 64GB with microSD up to 400GB
- Mobile connectivity: supports 18 LTE (1.2Gbps download speeds)
- fingerprint scanner and iris scanner security (hopefully this time it won't be a good joke for Samsung)
- 12MP Dual Pixel camera with OIS (f / 1.5, f / 2.4) / Vertical dual rear-facing camera, 8MP front-facing camera
- Bixby AI - assistant with dedicated button
- USB-C, 3.5mm headphone jack
- Stereo speakers
- Wireless charging support
- IP68 water and scratch resistance
- FM radio
- Updated DeX docking station

From what it seems S9 and S9 Plus will be available in three or four color variants: Midnight Black, Titanium Gray si Coral Blue, Lilac Purple. It remains to be seen in the finishing section what type of aluminum will be chosen.

If the above characteristics are confirmed, the most proBabil, the price in Europe for Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus will be toproapproximately 750 and expectively 850 Euro. A slightly more decent price than for the iPhone X.

It remains to be seen if there will be some surprises in the launch event. Less than 24 hours will take place the launch event.


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