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How to build a virtual room with furniture and decorations from the IKEA catalog

With the launch and introduction Arkite in the mobile device ecosystem Apple, iPhone si iPad, the application usage horizon has changed a lot and will change further. The Augmented Reality (AR) allows you to place virtual items (computer or smartphone data) in a real space. Practically, augmented reality is a parallel interaction of reality with virtual.

application IKEA Place (IKEA ARKit), uses this technology that makes it possible furniture and virtual decoration a home or rooms, using furniture and decorations from the IKEA catalog.

The principle of operation of the application is very simple. Before adding furniture to a space, it must be scanned using the IKEA Place application. Into the proThe scan point sets benchmarks for the 3D placement of the virtual furniture and makes accurate measurements to know exactly what dimensions to order.

Once the place where the new one is placed is set IKEA furniture, choose from the catalog the color and pattern that suits our room. The IKEA Place application allows us to choose all the colors available in the catalog and order online.

Here's how IKEA Place looks at work:

The application is available for free in the App Store, and the installation condition is to have one iPhone 6S or newer with iOS 11.

Daca you can not download the IKEA Place application, because it is not available in the App Store in Romania, go to this tutorial to see how you can install an application that is not available in your country.


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