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AntiVirus for Android smartphones. We need antivirus for mobile or can we protect and alone?

Before seeking to install un antivirus for mobile phone / smartphone OS AndroidMust first determine whether it is really necessary on your phone, and secondly, if you are willing to have a mobile phone with a Android something slow and is prone to hang because running antivirus scanner.
Yes, it is true that both a Windows PC, And a mobile phone with Android, the antivirus consume system resources. Memory and CPU time.

We need antivirus for mobile or can we protect and alone?

First make sure your phone It was not rootor -at an unofficial ROM installed on it. This is the big security breach an Android mobile phone.

If you mail business / corporate / With sensitive data and receive attachments Frequently, it is better to be a little more secure si carefulbut not necessarily use an antivirus. Any Android operating system does not allow direct install or run an application without your consent is a kind UAC (User Access Control) Microsoft Windows operating systems, from Windows Vista onwards.
For extra protection from internet or even WiFi / Bluetooth before you think of a ativirus is good to have in mind the following:

1. Do not connect to a free WiFi network in public places. On the beach, cafes, malls, pubs and other locations that can connect more users. Normally, any information that passes through a router can be decrypted and it is not difficult for a hacker to "enter" on your mobile phone and access your personal data, pictures, videos, emails and other documents.

2. Do not let the Bluetooth enabled unless you use a hands-free or to transfer files. This protocol there are hacks that can unwittingly connect your device to another where they can extract confidential data.

3. Disable share services, data exchange, screen mirroring si timing Wireless. NFC, S Beam, Nearby Devices, Screen Mirroring.

data exchange android

4. Do not install applications only from Play Store and be careful what you install on your phone data access they require.

5. In some applications or websites that you access from this site on your mobile phone appear banners with advertisements misleadingWho say that Your phone has virus and that it is necessary installation of antivirus. Do not be fooled such massages. It is quite possible to choose whether a virus or Android Malware behind such actions.

Paying attention to these five points listed above, buying and installing an antivirus on your phone is unwarranted. In addition, all manufacturers of antivirus provides comprehensive solutions surcharge. The investment would not be justified and 100% protection can not guarantee anybody anyway. Anytime there may be a new virus or malware application that will be one step ahead of the protection systems.

"I think paying for a product that will provide protection anyway is not a rational risk reduction. But users buy many things for different reasons. In practice, users will not encounter malicious applications, potential carriers of malware. Many users do not know anyone who have ever installed an application problem"
- Adrian Ludwig (chief engineer for Android security at Google)


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  1. I have used on my android a ativirus and was not good at all, worst block ... I uninstalled it.

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