How solve Keyboard Lag in iOS 8s 4.x iPhone, iPhone 5, 5S iPhone, iPhone & iPhone 5 6C

How to Fix Keyboard Lag in iOS on the iPhone 8s 4.x, 5 iPhone, iPhone 5S, iPhone & iPhone 5 6C

Relying on the stability of the iOS operating system, iPhone is one of the safest mobile phones / smartphones that do not give users a headache. Still, there are times when small "bottlenecks" appear, or the system is getting worse / responding more difficult to commands.

In today's tutorial we will refer to problems that more and more of utiliztori iPhone (with the latest software version iOS 8.3), Their keyboard.

The data problem and causes
Slow iPhone Keyboard / Keyboard Delay / Keyboard Lag.

More and more users are complaining that hard keyboard responds to commands si writing a kind chat Facebook, iMessage, WhatappEtc., it becomes very tedious and stressful.
This keyboard lag could have several causes. There are too many open applications on the system when we have something to write and so keyboardCPC responds harder, or are some synchronization in the background or visual settings that lead to this problem.

To solve the problem aceatsta 4S keyboards on iPhone, iPhone 5, 5 iPhone and iPhone 6s you need to follow few simple steps.

1. First of all, disable synchronization of iCloud applications from Settings > iCloud>iCloud Drive. Turn off.


2. Disable running applications in the background from: Settings > General > Background App Refresh / Turn Off.


It is indicated that these changes after you close and reopen the iPhone.
Open a chat on iMessengeti and start typing to check if the problem is resolved. If after these two steps the problem persists on your iPhone then you will have to try resetting the settings. You can bring the iPhone to its original factory settings from the menu Settings> General> Reset> Reset All Settings.


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