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Call and send free messages with Viber on Android

Many voices say that in future all phone calls si SMS will be made Internet only and will become the default free, With implementation 4G technology. Well, no need to wait for this scenario come true, because Viber is here.

Viber is a application currently available for Android si iPhoneThrough which You can call and send messages for free other users of these operating systemsRegardless of the countries where it is.


Why use Viber?

  • Good quality sound: - Viber technology provide one one HD soundMuch better than the call by GSM or the normal
  • 100% free: - Viber is totally free application, no commercialsThrough which you can call and send messages to other users, from any mobile network. All you need is a 3G connection si Wi-Fi la Internet and that your friends use Viber to turn


  • Simple to use: - Viber enables connecting with friends whose numbers already exist in Contact, Also showing which of them are already using Viber
  • Continuous operation: - Viber running in the background without consuming phone battery, so you can receive real-time notifications for messages or calls received.

Download Viber via Android Market

Download Viber via iTunes

Note: Please note that Viber calls and send messages carried over the Internet, and if you do not have internet phone subscriptions included, or do not have internet enabled or not using Wi-Fi can occur consumption costs data / internet.



  1. Hello,
    This is a member of the Viber Development Team!
    Excuse me, my Romanian is not so good, so I will write in English :)

    Thank you for your review of Viber!
    We are very happy That so many people worldwide have interested in our application.

    If you have any question about Viber - please feel free to ask.

    Thank you,
    the Viber Team.

  2. Dobrý den, chci se zeptat,pro? nem? žu stáhnout sms zdarma, do telefon sony ericsson experia rey.M? žu se na Vás obrátit s prosbou o radu jak nainstalovat tuto aplicaci Free SMS Sender.D? kuji za radu Eichlerova.

  3. Hi,

    I Apologize, I am not sure I Fully Understood the question :)
    Please try to explain it again (Possibly in English), so i could try and help.

    Thank You,
    the Viber Team.

  4. Viber for Symbian (Nokia's operating system) is currently under development.

    We still don't know exactly when it will be ready, but once we have news we will publish it on our Facebook page :)

  5. At the moment - yes, Viber is only available for iOS and Android.

    However, We are working hard to bring Viber to Blackberry and Symbian (Nokia) soon, and more platforms in the future :)

    Stay tuned for news and updates on our Facebook page.

  6. @Antonio -

    Unfortunately, at this stage Viber supports only Windows Phone OS 7.5

    We are Continuously working to support more and more OS versions for Windows Phone, and once we have news We will announce it publicly :)

  7. Why que cette east APPLI fonctionne sur sony ericsson live?

    does it works on sony ericsson live?


    thank you

  8. @laurent -

    Viber does not officially support Sony Ericsson Live, and that's because we haven't thoroughly tested Viber on it yet. You can view the full list of officially supported devices in our HelpDesk, at:

    However, we still recommend you to download and try it out. We'd love to get your feedback :)

  9. Hello,

    The Viber for symbian Will you be He (it) available year day? If yes or are you in the planinng?

  10. @ hervedu08 -

    Viber for Symbian is currently under development. Once we have official news about it, We will announce it on our Facebook and Twitter pages :)

  11. hej witam serdecznie… mam pytanko… czy moge pobrac viber i jak to zrobic na telefon samsung galaxi mini… .dodam ze mam w domu Wi-Fi wiec nie powinno byc problemów z dzia? aniem vibera… a chcia? abym wypróbowac jak dzia? a …… .z góry dzi? ki za odpowiedz pozdrawiam

  12. I downloaded viber on Nokia C3 00 but when it didpro to enter my number a window appears in English that closes the application! what should i do

  13. @Edzia -

    You SHOULD find in PlayStore Viber, and install :)

    @hoda -

    Thank you for the information.

    We kindly ask that you take a minute and report the details of the problem to our support team using this direct link:
    With this information, our development team will hopefully be able to find the source of the problem, and ultimately solve it

    Thanks in advance :)


    @ Edzia -

    You should have? g? Seascale? Viber in PlayStore,? I install? Them :)

    @ hoda -

    V? many? you for your information? them.

    Please s? take a minute and report? details proproblems for our support team? using this? leg? tour? direct?:
    With this information, our development team will hopefully be able to do just that. s? g? Seascale? source prothe problem, and finally? is resolved

    Many? Thank you in advance :)

  14. Witam. Mam noki? c6-00 i problem z Viberem. Zainstalowa? Am aplicacj? i nie mog? sie po ?? czy? - wyskakuje mi informacja, e nie jestem po ?? czony z internetem, pomimo,? E jestem (próbowa? Am z WiFi a tak? E pakietowo). Dlaczego tak sie dzieje?
    Prosz? or odpowied ?. pozdrawiam

  15. @numinumi -

    What exactly is the prostated problems? We are not sure we fully understand. You tried to install Viber and you are getting an error message?


    Which is exactly prostated problems? We are not sure we fully understand. Have you tried to to install Viber? iv? are getting an error message?

  16. The problem is not with Viber application, the problem is that one of the Romanian providers (Vodafone Romania) block traffic for this application and requires an additional fee to unlock it.

  17. Dobry vecer,
    bych mela k Vam dotaz.
    Kamaradka tel me. Nokia Lumia to potrebovala and z aplikace Viber vymazat historii, the bohuzel nevim, jak. Mohl by Jste pomoci me?

  18. Pro application for Viber Nokia Lumia, stand for nebo detekovat bude to kontakty telefonu, který jste nainstalovali Viber. VSE, co can? Ebujete, p Dobra je? Ipojení k internetu nebo bezdrátové site? v dosahu. USP? Ch.

  19. Bonjour quand je télécharge Viber Nokia c3 00 sur mon essai et que j chargement du cours d ouvrir have on me di error d es Du application svp quoi cela?

  20. Like Oulanahi, it closes when I open viber on Nokia C3.00
    out of memory error java / lang / lang OUtof Memory sur Viber
    thank you for answering us to solve this prostated problems

  21. Nokia c6-00 mother of CHT? Bych is zeptat to jak z Teto aplikace volt. Psaní sms je v po? Ádku, the nevím jak z TOHO volatile mother. Tree? Zetea me?

  22. @Marcel -

    We are not sure When Will arrive Viber for Nokia n97 or c503. When we have news, We will announce it via our Facebook page.


    Nie sme si istí, kedy dorazí V? Ber pre Nokia N97 alebo C503. Ke? máme správy, oznámime to prostredníctvom našej stránky on Facebook.

  23. I have a questions: those Viber consums internet when I don't use it or it works like iMessage on Iphone?

  24. @Leo -

    Viber uses only about 1KB per minute When it is idle (not working).
    So you shouldn't worry about data consumption :)

  25. Viber otblokiram kak da sled Kato's residence bil blokiran.opitvam bed and go instaliram otnovo give us no Stava izpisva 4 Viber is blokiran.6te you mnogo blagodaren bada da ako mojete pomognete me, my phone is nokia lumia 800

  26. Imam problem, iztrih si vibera i sega iskam da go instaliram na novo, no ne moga.pi6e 4e trqbva da mi prati kod 4rez sms no ne pra6ta ni6to i sled tova mi kazva 4e ne moje da se asociira kam viber, za6to taka.molq pomognete

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