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ProiCloud Music Library activation keys on iOS 8.4 / iPhone / iPad and iTunes

Earlier this month Apple launched new Apple Music, With updating to iOS 8.4. Through this service owners iPhone / iPad who are registered with a Apple ID, have access to a library of over 30 million songs, freeFor 3 months.
Normally, in the words of Apple and from the experience of other users, downloadable songs via iCloud Music Library, both on iPhone, iPod or iPod Touch devices, and on your computer through iTunes. Condition is to have enabled iCloud Music Library phone menu and / or in iTunes.

How to activate iCloud Music Library on iPhone or iPad

1. go to Settings > Music > Active iCloud Music Library

Apple Music - Activate iCloud Music Library
Apple Music - Activate iCloud Music Library

2. Select "Go"To combine the library of songs from Apple Music with the local one, existence on the device… or “Replace"To replace the library in Apple Music with the local one. With iCloud Music Library activated we will have access to songs from Apple Music from all the devices we have logged on Apple Our ID. The songs will automatically download to iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows PC with iTunes installed and connected to our account.


Many users are facing the problem of activating this service. Whether you receive the message that iCloud Music Library can not be enabled (iCloud Music Library can not be enabled) or after it is set to ON, it changes automatically to OFF.
To be able to activate this service to allow us free downloading of songs on your iPhone or iPad, we will either try activating several times, either to go to the phone menu Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings and to reset the device, then try again iCloud enabled Music Library.
After repeated and unsuccessful attempts activation, we finally managed to activate service after I restore your device. The test was done on iPhone 6 cu iOS 8.4.


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